Breaking the Glass Bong Ceiling: Part I

We are in the midst of serious change in this country, weed is legal! I am going to do my best to curb my enthusiasm over the new pot laws that were introduced in Washington State yesterday until I see whether the government will recognize this groundswell of support for legalization.
Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Beast wrote an article titled “Mr. President, Don’t Even Think About It” and he brings up some fascinating points such as Obama himself was a real pothead and not some poser who smoked once or twice in his life. He was such a stoner he made reference to his group of friends they called “The Choom Gang” in his high school yearbook. That is only something somebody who loved weed would do. Did he know he was going to President of the United States? No! Did that effect his ability to be the leader of the free world? No! The bottom line is the government needs to wait and see how the states handle this new found freedom and allow them to figure out the best way to handle legal weed.
Maybe the government will learn how to handle legal weed by watching how these states approach the situation? All we can do is hope at this point because the people have spoke but will the government listen?
-Bill Huffman


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