Hallelujah! Google Maps Is Back!

20121213-152224.jpgHallelujah! If Apple was unaware how badly people wanted Google Maps back on iOS they should check out who is number one on the free download charts.
It took less than 24 hours for the Maps app to become the most coveted free app in the App Store while the number three free download is YouTube, another Google designed app. If you recall, Apple tore up their contract with Google and ditched Google Maps and YouTube when they updated their operating system in September.
I had always kept Apple on a pedestal because their stuff just worked but when they released iOS 6 and ditched Google’s services they showed they cared more about keeping Google off their phone than keeping their customers happy. It was an act of greed that I would have expected from Microsoft but not Apple.
Obviously, this maps disaster didn’t go unnoticed and Tim Cook was forced to make an apology and recommend alternatives, a rare mea culpa from a company the size of Apple.
Tim Cook then cleaned house, firing long time executive Scott Forstall who oversaw the Maps App and another manager who was in charge of the people who built the maps app. This was a clear sign to me that Apple realized they dropped the ball with Google and had to work itself back into the good graces of their customers.
Up until the Maps App, Apple seemed like they could do no wrong, but just like people, companies make mistakes too. Lets hope that the approval of Google’s Maps App is a signal that Apple understands that it needs Google to make their products the best on the market.
– William L Huffman


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