Okay America, It’s Time To Talk About Guns

So I am sitting here reading stories about the shooting in Connecticut and I am having trouble concentrating on work. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families in this horrific tragedy. Unfortunately, this is the second time in the past six months that I have sat with my mouth agape at the senseless violence unfolding before my eyes.
Just this past July, a shooter in Colorado who doesn’t deserve to be mentioned, shook the country to its core with his cold-blooded calculated murder of 12 innocent moviegoers.
Now 10 days before Christmas we have another cold-blooded calculated murder of not just innocent people but innocent kindergartners. If people aren’t questioning what the hell we are doing in this country when it comes to guns then there are some serious problems with people.
You will hear the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and that it is the right of every American to own a gun. Well I would tell the people that want to play that card to go talk to some of the families effected by gun violence. Try your approach that guns aren’t the problem, people are, and see how far you get.
I had a co-worker already tell me that it’s not a gun problem because if the shooter really wanted to commit a mass murder he could have used a bomb. Okay, but the point is you can’t go to the store and buy a bomb. It’s not as if Wal-Mart has a bomb section similar to their gun display so that argument doesn’t hold much weight to me.
There will be the inevitable outpouring of support by the NRA for the families but don’t expect them to mention anything about gun accessibility being a problem because they will probably say somebody at the school should have had a gun to defend themselves.
That is the ass-backwards way some gun owners and paranoids think, there should have been more guns to avoid more violence. Does anybody else have a problem with that argument?
Some people will say that if you limit gun sales you are starting the process of taking away our freedoms. I would say to those people, what country is really free if you have to worry about your kids coming home alive after a day at school? What country is free when you have to worry about somebody interrupting your movie with gunfire?
I don’t feel safe knowing that the guy next to me at the bar has the “right to bare arms” because that guy could just as easily use his “right” to shoot me dead. If people think more guns are the solution then I would say that I wouldn’t feel any safer if I was carrying my own gun and had to shoot it out with this guy just to make it through a night at the bar.
The real problem we are facing in America is that there are an estimated 330 million guns already on the streets so we can’t really just ban them outright.
It is now up to the people who get paid to make these kinds of decisions and come up with a solution that will result in our citizens feeling safe again.
– William L Huffman


2 responses to “Okay America, It’s Time To Talk About Guns

  1. Eh. Chicago tried gun control and it’s it working out well for them. If a psycho wants a gun he’s unfortunately going to find one even if we have controls in place.

    • True. Thanks for the reply. That’s why I said they have figure something out that will work for everyone. Guns are here and they are not going away, I get that. I just think if there were some more restrictions on who, when, where and what kind of gun you buy. I don’t think there is anything wrong owning a gun but what is wrong with having limits on how many or what kind? Things can change a little bit for the betterment of society, it’s not the end of the world if they place a few restrictions, it may save a few 5 year olds.

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