McCartney & Grohl Prepping For An Album? Let’s Hope So!

image Photo: Billboard Magazine

Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, Pat Smear and Paul McCartney demonstrated that old dogs can certainly learn new tricks with their recent collaboration on stage at the 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Releif.
I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play any Nirvana songs but it was great to see all the guys back on stage together. Their song Cut Me Some Slack has strong bass riffs that remind me a lot of Nirvana.
They have obviously been practicing a lot so maybe they have more songs in the works.
For a 70-year-old guy, Paul McCartney is in the midst of a renaissance with a variety of collaborations with younger artists such as Youth over the past decade.
It is refreshing to see a rock legend that is willing to experiment with different sounds at his age opposed to the rock stars that just hang up their creativity and disappear from the public eye.
After watching the documentary Foo Fighters: Back and Forth on the Palladium Channel I grew to respect Dave Grohl’s ridiculous talent even more than before so it is really cool to see him performing with a true living legend like McCartney.
Grohl can look at Paul McCartney as an example of somebody who was in the biggest band in the world but never allowed himself to be painted into a corner creatively.
Grohl went from being the drummer for Nirvana, which was “the” band in the 1990’s, to fronting one of the biggest bands in the past decade, the Foo Fighters.
McCartney has continued to experiment with different music throughout his career and has put out four new albums in the past decade.
It would be really exciting for fans and the industry if Grohl and McCartney were able to round-up Smear and Novaselic for an entire album.
I wouldn’t want them to call it a Nirvana album though because it wouldn’t be respectful to Kurt’s memory but I would still expect that same Nirvana sound.
Maybe they coud call themselves Anavrin in a little homage to the Paul is dead rumors from 1969 where it was said there were secret messages in Beatles lyrics if played backwards.image
After seeing the way Paul and the boys played together on Wednesday I wouldn’t be shocked to see a one-off album with some proceeds going to the storm victims.
Seriously though, why not? These guys obviously like playing together and they could record at Grohl’s home studio. Let’s hear it for Anavrin!
Updated: Paul apparently likes his new band so much that he brought them along to Saturday Night Live where the played “Cut Me Some Slack” for the second time in four days. Maybe this means more things to come?
– William L Huffman


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