Forget Dean Martin, Steubenville is now famous for covering up a rape

Anonymous is back at it and they couldn’t have picked a more worthy target. The people who helped cover up the rape of a teenage girl in Stuebenville, Ohio are now in the crosshairs of my new favorite group.
According to The Daily Mail, Anonymous and an individual cell called Knight Sec has appointed themselves internet vigilantes for the case.
20130103-231735.jpgBefore they were known for covering up rapist athletes, Steubenville, Ohio was mostly known for being the birthplace of Dean Martin, a key member of The Rat Pack.
I have actually been to Steubenville a few times in my life and from what I’ve been told the schools have always been rife with scandal so this alleged cover-up is not at all surprising.
Some people in this town believed the girl was at fault for being raped and therefore decided to smear her name while supporting the accused. Fortunately, this has backfired so spectacularly that their conspiracy is being outed to the world and some people are now calling Steubenville, Rapenville.
In small town communities people are always covering things up and since there aren’t many local journalists these days to break the whole story the next best thing are online vigilantes like Anonymous. So as I said before, Anonymous is the kind of group that I can support. They will act and not worry about legalities and in this messed up world where a couple kids can rape a girl and the town helps conceal the crime, we need Anonymous. The people that helped delay the reporting of this crime deserve everything they have coming was and it is a town that celebrates few visits I am not at all surprised by the alleged coverup

On their Local Leaks: The Steubenville Files, they said that they took up the cause since ‘a town rife with corruption, cronyism, illegal gambling and fixated upon their star high school football team (a major economic revenue engine) were prepared to orchestrate a major cover-up in order to sweep the entire affair under the rug.’

According to CNN,

Anonymous says it is collecting detailed information about the personal affairs of football boosters and others in the town of 18,000 who the group claims may have helped cover up the attack. It’s also planning a protest “to help those who have been victimized by the football team or other regimes.”

This is the kind of justice that would not have been leveled before the days of the Internet so we should all be thankful there are groups like Anonymous looking out for the victims and not the special interests of the community.

– William L Huffman


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