Please Don’t Forgive Lance

Does this look like a guy who is sorry?

Does this look like a guy who is sorry?

According to the New York Times, Lance Armstrong is said to be getting ready to admit to blood doping and using performance enhancing drugs while he won his seven consecutive Tour de France titles.
I am not surprised that Lance is going to bare his soul and ask for forgiveness but I am surprised by his timing. It was only a few months ago Lance posted a picture of himself on Twitter laying on a couch surrounded by the seven yellow jerseys he received for winning all those Tour de France titles. Do his actions make him look like he is sorry? I think not.
Please don’t forgive this guy because he is no better than a snake oil salesman and will say whatever necessary to be invited back to the popular parties he once attended.
I can’t help but think he is already trying to cash in on his lies, this is America after all and we love a redemption story. I just hope people don’t fall for his “tell-all”.
He will give a tell all interview to Oprah or Barbara Walters and millions of people will tune in to hear him lie about how bad he feels for hiding the truth for so long. He may even shed a tear or two about how tough it was to keep such a big lie from the public and will ask for our sympathy.
Lance will almost certainly play the “Cycling is so dirty” card and that he was a victim of the culture of racing.
He’ll most certainly deny that his doping had anything to do with his cancer, which may in fact be true but it certainly opens up the door for those types of questions.
After he lays out as much he wants to share he will probably be asked if he would like to say he is sorry to the people who supported his Livestrong Foundation and cheered him on during his run Tour de France. I am not sure at this point if he will say actually say he is sorry because I guarantee the only thing he is sorry about is that his rock star reputation has gone to shit.
Lance’s lies have earned him millions of dollars but he no longer has that cache and I think he believes he will get that back if he confesses to his sins.
It has only been a few months since Lance was banned from racing and I think it’s way too soon to ask for our forgiveness. I always believed Lance was exactly who the USADA said he was so none of this surprises me.
I am sure Lance will say it all started with a small lie and that it became so big that he couldn’t ever say anything but thanks to the USADA report we all know that he was the true master mind behind the doping that took place on his teams.
Lance is a cheater and a liar and anybody that threatened to expose his fraud was labeled as a disgruntled ex-employee looking to cash in on lies. Isn’t it ironic who is now trying to cash in on their lies?
– William L Huffman


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