Once Again, Please Don’t Forgive Lance

Lance Armstrong dreaming of forgiveness

Lance Armstrong dreaming of forgiveness

UPDATED January 14, 2013: As stated in the New York Times, Lance Armstrong taped an interview with none other than Oprah Winfrey today that will air sometime this week.
In my post on January 5, Please Don’t Forgive Lance, I asked people not to forgive this man because the lies he told us helped him add millions of dollars into his bank accounts.
Since it has been confirmed that Lance did tape a tell-all interview with Oprah I ask for you again to not buy the bullshit this guy is selling.
Lance is now a pariah in the celebrity world that he became accustomed to and he thinks by confessing his sins that all will be forgiven.
Lance will try to use the American people’s kindness as a way to bypass all of his misdeeds.
Lance used his charity work to blind us from his lies. Those yellow Livestrong bracelets we all wore to support cancer helped blind us from the fact that Lance was a cheater. It worked out very well for Lance because the American people and the media felt that a cancer surviver and activist wouldn’t risk his health or image to cheat.
In this “interview” Lance will apparently confess to his crimes and probably give some insight to the dark side of cycling.
Oprah’s close relationship with Lance helped her land the interview. I am sure that it’s an “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of thing because this will certainly help boost the ratings on her fledgling network and give Lance an opportunity to ask for forgiven.
This is nothing more than a blatant PR move because his star doesn’t shine as bright these days so his team his scrambling to make every last dollar they can off his name.
The belief must be that if Lance comes clean he will once again attract those six-figure fees to speak to your company or school.
The problem for Lance and his team is that nothing will be changed after he comes clean; he will still be the same cheater, liar, fraud and all around scum bag he was before he spoke to Oprah.
I hope people won’t tune in but unfortunately America loves a train wreck and despite her networks poor ratings they still kind of love Oprah.
Please take 10 minutes and read the USADA report and see how this guy manipulated everyone and everything around him to boost his name.
People can make up their minds as they see fit but I do hope the people in charge of writing those six-figure checks for speaking engagements will think twice before they put down the name Lance Armstrong.
Before you tune in to the exclusive interview with Lance just remember that you can’t believe a word this man says because he has been lying to the world and himself for the past 20 years.
– William L Huffman


One response to “Once Again, Please Don’t Forgive Lance

  1. If Lance means that he is sorry, I will forgive him. Everyone deserves love and to not be excluded from the world for a mistake. Humans are failures, there is nothing to do but to ask forgiveness.

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