I’m All In With House of Cards

Reed Hastings may end up looking like a pioneer in television if Netflix’s new original program, House of Cards, resonates with its viewers like it has with me.
With Netflix releasing all 13 episodes on February 1st they making the first true attempt at disrupting the television landscape as we know it today.
I took in three episodes over the weekend and I can already say that this show will be a real contender during next year’s awards season.
I would have binged on the show but I got sucked into watching The Godfather for the tenth time and I actually read this really cool article from The New York Times about how the mob helped get film made.
House of Cards is better than expected, it is beautifully done, the acting is superb and it is everything you would expect when you hear that Netflix invested $100 million into this project.
Kevin Spacey kills it as Frank Underwood, a South Carolina congressman with a certain taste for revenge after being passed over for Secretary of State.
Spacey’s southern accent sugarcoats the shady deals his character has to conduct while seeking out his plotted revenge.
Robin Wright also delivers an award worthy performance as the cold and calculating Claire Underwood.
Spacey and Wright’s acting perfectly compliments the dark and unsettling world that David Fincher has set forth; I’m not sure if I’ve seen Washington D.C. look so dreary.
But then again this is Fincher who is behind the bleak worlds in Seven and Fight Club; he has a true knack for creating an environment that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.
The Washington D.C. you see in House of Cards is a city where you could end up selling your soul to the devil on your first day in office just to make some friends.
The interplay between Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara’s character Zoe Barnes, a reporter for the Washington Herald, works as a way to catch the viewer up with what exactly is going on.
I am all in with this show and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Francis Underwood and thanks to Netflix’s bold venture I won’t have to.
– William L Huffman


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