Apple’s iPhone is a dinosaur

I am not sure what the folks over at Apple are thinking but they should be worried.
I have read a number of reviews from Apple fanboys of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and I am blown away by their nonchalant attitude about this phone.
Despite all of the innovation on the Samsung Galaxy the critics say that Apple has nothing to worry about despite being limited to a minuscule 4″ screen.
Screen size is currently king since the “retina display” selling point has been eliminated since Samsung sports more pixels per inch than the iPhone.
I have been a fan of Apple since the iPod and iPad and I really do like the iPhone 4 but this lack of innovation is changing my mind.
I don’t care that Apple says they have the best size for holding a phone in one hand. I really don’t care that they claim ios6 is the best mobile operating system.
Apple has rested on their laurels and I will be jumping ship to a company that understands consumers enjoy the next big thing, not just incremental updates.
Apple fell into the same complacency trap that snagged Microsoft in the early 2000’s and it will eventually cost them dearly.
Apple had the ball in it’s court but decided to hold on to it rather than trying to score.
Apples lack of innovation has me looking elsewhere and it makes me wonder how many other iPhone users feel the same way?
– William L Huffman


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