The J70 Appeals to the One-Design Racer in Cleveland, Part Two

The New Member of Cleveland Sailing Community…

Cleveland Sailing: It's a Way of Life!

By William L Huffman
In the second part of my article on the J70’s rise in Cleveland, I conclude my conversation with Nick Turney, Manager of North Sails in Cleveland, along with two new owners here in Cleveland. JB Walsh and Greg Mylett, two of the newest members of the fleet, explain what made the J70 so appealing, as well as expound on what kind of learning curve they expect to face this summer.
The constant thing I hear when discussing the J70, is the potential for consistent one-design racing.
Nick Turney knows the expectations are high for the J70 class, before we wrapped up our interview he added, “The local fleet in Cleveland will continue to grow, I forecast about 20 boats locally before this time next year. It’s a great boat, the price point is there, and with a great one design schedule locally and nationally, why wouldn’t…

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