About Me

I am a news junkie! I went to college with the hopes of one day being a journalist. I was the A & E editor for the student newspaper and interned at the local news radio station during college and I thought I knew what I was getting into. A few months after graduation I landed my first job at one of the news stations in Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately, it only took a few months to realize that the type of journalist that I went to school to become doesn’t exist anymore in this current state of media. I was concerned because the days of writing stories for the good of the people had been replaced with self-serving dribble that is more divisive than ever. My concerns were short lived because during the economic collapse of 2008 I became one of the victims of mass layoffs and my dreams of being a journalist were crushed.
Due to the volatility of the news business I ended up taking a job in sales in order to pay the bills. It has been four years since I worked in the news business but I’ve never stopped being a news junkie. I am starting this journey with the intent to post stories that will entertain and inform so lets just enjoy the ride.
-Bill Huffman


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